Cooked Frozen IQF


Langostinos are fully cooked, have a meaty bite and a sweet flavor that works well as an added ingredient or all on its own steamed, grilled or broiled.

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Product Characteristics

Species: Langostinos (Pleuroncodes monodon / Cervimunida johny)
Products: Cooked & Peeled Frozen, Cooked Shell On Frozen
Presentation: IQF 2 Lbs Bag
Uses: Foodservice & Retail

Size Presentation

    Cooked & Peeled

  • 100 / 200 Ct/Lb
  • 70 / 120 Ct/Lb

    Cooked Shell On

  • 90 / 170 Ct/Lb
  • 50 / 90 Ct/Lb

box dimensions

20# Box

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Pallet: 48 x 40 inch
n packages: 72
n layers: 6
Surface usage: 91.9%
Volume usage: 82.7%
Total weight: 1440 lbs

All products are delivered in standard certified packaging; however we embrace client creativity and are happy to collaborate on the individual design of all packaging stages.